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An exploratory validation method where all possible actions on a page are shuffled and performed. This allows for all possible data combinations and paths being explored and validated.


Robust platform with a highly scalable architecture that can support large projects. Our platform can run multiple tests in parallel on schedule, or triggered by CI/CD processes


Our platform is the fastest no-code solution to validate applications

Customer Led

Industry first solution that uses real customer flows for validation

User Journeys

Enables scenario validation to bank on real life customer journeys

Auto Validation

Our AI engine observes your usage patterns and auto validates your app. We accelerate your journey from committed code to product readiness, saving you crucial dev cycles


Our platform comes integrated with a simulator. It allows users to automatically to simulate user behaviors. It also has the ability to and validate apps on millions of data combinations with a simple setup. Our state of the art sampling algorithms help accomplish all of this very fast without spending days on testing


Intuitive, visual depiction of all app paths

Wring Start

Get started validating your apps with our intuitive NoCode platform in minutes!

CI/CD Triggers

Integrate with your CI/CD platform of choice to initiate validations automatically

Use Cases

High Growth Websites

Our platform works to validate your web applications for product readiness as more features are implemented and changes are made. This results in less hastle from your developers and more engagement from your customers

Business Applications

We can also observe and validate complex business flows when configurations are changed or upgrades are pushed by SaaS providors. This avoids potential adverse revenue impacts from poorly validated business flows.

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Get ready to discover all the amazing benefits of Wring!

Wring is the industry's first platform for Customer Led Testing. Wring's innovative solution allow makers to better understand customer behaviors and fosters empathy towards their customer's needs

  • Fully automate your testing process without coding or scripting!
  • Never miss another user edge case again!
  • Automatically generate tests to solve problems before they arise!
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